Your body is a piece of ART
Let’s make a painting out of it !

Process of a session

I welcome you in a large studio with natural light at the Azucarera del Genil, an  old sugar factory where numerous and talented artists of all fields also live. At first, we can talk while having a cup of tea or a piece of fruit to get to know each other and share a bit of our lives.

We find together the most adapted manner to your rythm and personality so that your body and soul can express themselves freely.

My work is to create with you this security bubble out of time and free of judgments where you just feel completely at ease. Then i paint what you want to experiment. With music or in silence, feeling what is more appropriate.

In very little time, your body finds its rhythm and the poses become fluid and natural. It is almost unnecessary for me to direct poses, as your own energy guides your movements and your body adjusts to its own needs. You need no previous knowledge for this experience.

From this collaboration, we create a painting. In this spontaneous and colourful way, the painting captures the energy of this shared moment. Between three and six pieces are completed and you may choose those you like best.

The works don´t require time to dry, so you can take them with you the same day. If needed, I can also send them by certified post, with a corresponding fee.

Once home, these paintings will help you re-connect.

Frédéric ARMSPACH (1976)

Multidisciplinary artist. Theater, danse, painting.

After 15 years ans de formation autour du corps, je vois ainsi :

What is the biggest treasure we have in our hands if not our own hands ?

Isn’t our body this fabulous treasure we are spending a life-time to search for ?Since we live in a world saturated by objects, images and technology, it is very easy to be dis-connected.

We don’t choose our body nor the time of its life but we can relate freely with it.

So let’s go back to the most important : our body ! Nudity can be a sacred door towards our own essence. More than a beautiful portrait, what i want to catch is the truth of the moment.

I truly believe that Art opens a path to this very mystery and truth we are looking for. Art does not judge. Within this awareness can rise the inner transformation that leads to freedom.

I choose painting to liberate myself and I offer you to free each other together.

Do not hesitate to contact me directly +34 605 293 991 for any questions and share a tea in my studio to know more of my artístic process and work.



I am preparing workshops 2019 in the same spirit of the workshops of la Maison de France (please have a look at the comments in this pdf).


Do not hesitate to contact me if you need more information



Free first interview !

Psychological work (from 1 to 4 months) on creative challenges and the development of creativity (aimed at all audiences).

Inspired by the developmental techniques of Julia Cameron and personal methods.


Free first session

Right brain exercises adapted to train the right side of the brain.

Play more and judge less. Learn or relearn the pleasure of creating and developing your unique style.

regalatetupropiodesnudo self portrait


Try it for free !

Starting in October (see pdf). (Barrio del Realejo, Granada).

We take turns as models, drawing each other (clothed this time), in a relaxed and playful atmosphere. Original exercises to train the right side of the brain.

Necessary materials: a sketchbook and 4b graphite pencil.

Find more information here


Founder of group G7, a collection of international artists. The group’s latest exposition, Emociones Desnudas, was comprised of spontaneous drawings, many of which were completed in the life drawing workshops.

I exhibit regularly in Granada in the following locations

  • Hotel Real Agua Amarga (october 2018)
    Paraje los moralicos s.n
    O4149 Agua Amarga